先日、私は中国でGMICに登壇しました。(GMIC=モバイルインターネット業界の会議)その際に、私は、「KING of BOTS」の共同設立者、並びに「KING of BOTS」のグローバル大使として紹介されました。


There is a global trend regarding robots and battles. This seems to be taking the art of fighting to the next level. I have trained extensively throughout my life to push the physical boundaries. Now it seems like it can be realized in a different form with advancement in technology. Imagine taking the spirits of Taiji and delivering its true grit through an external body armor of a giant robot, this is an evolution and revolution for martial arts. Recently at GMIC in China, I was announced as a co-founder as well as the global ambassador for “King of Bots”, a program developed by a group of young entrepreneurs in China called “Themakers”, who will bring robot fighting to the world through a reality show coming this October. Look for more interviews and updates in the near future here on Facebook and on my website jetli.com.