「クンルンファイト/Kunlun Fight」とのコラボレーションによって「太極禅/Taiji Zen」を更に世界に広げていこうという取り組みが動きだしました。ジャック・マーもこのプロジェクトを支援してくれています。



「太極禅」、「クンルンファイト」、「Jet Li」の3つの要素が1つにまとまることが、「太極」が新しい変化につながると確信しています。

The news is official, I am now working with China’s original top-level martial arts competition event organization Kunlun Fight through Taiji Zen, which was founded by Jack Ma and myself, to bring Taiji push hands to the world via a joint venture.

For those of you who don’t know, Kunlun Fight is China’s premier brand in martial arts fighting events and I feel that by working with them will elevate Taiji to a whole new level as a competitive sport.

I grew up learning martial arts and continue to share Taiji philosophy with people, such as you, my Facebook fans around the world. I firmly believe that Taiji can bring happiness and inner balance to people who practice it and it is definitely a good choice to pick up this martial art.

In addition, Mr. Jiang Hua, founder of Kunlun Fight also feels that Taiji embodies deep Chinese heritage and is an honor for him to work with Taiji Zen in this venture promoting Taiji not just to the people in China, but to the rest of the world.

I truly believe that by linking up the three entities: Taiji Zen, Kunlun Fight, and myself, a new way of Taiji awaits everyone in the near future. #Jetli #Taijizen #KunLunFight